MUDS Editor changelog

MUDS v1.6.0 Download

  • Fix various visual bugs
  • Fix bug where keybindings couldn't be disabled
  • Fix bug where disabled keybindings still showed in tooltips
  • Fix bug where link insert would be "null" if input was empty
  • Fix bug where fullscreen sometimes wouldn't cover 100% height
  • Fix bug where leaving fullscreen sometimes wouldn't resize editor correctly
  • Fix bug where character counter didn't display correctly if no heights were set
  • Fix bug where character counter would shift when resizing
  • Add Language support - Documentation
    • English
    • Danish
    • German
  • Change shortcuts on justification to:
    • Align left: CMD+7
    • Align center: CMD+8
    • Align right: CMD+9
    • Outdent SHIFT+CMD+7
    • Indent SHIFT+CMD+9
  • Add min-, and max-height options to the editor
  • Add highlight for active styles in menu

MUDS v1.5.8 Download

  • FIx bug where placeholder would throw an error if not defined

MUDS v1.5.7 Download

  • Fix visual bug in Markee theme menu
  • Lighten color of character count

MUDS v1.5.6 Download

  • Fix bug where placeholder could overflow editor
  • Fix bug where content wouldn't be focused when placeholder was clicked
  • Update menu button styles for all themes
  • Add theme: Markee - Download

MUDS v1.5.5 Download

  • Fix bug where fullscreen wouldn't work without a predefined editor height

MUDS v1.5.4 Download

  • Update HTML Code view
  • Set minimum height on resizable editor
  • Add Tooltips to dropdown items
  • Add option for character count
    • Update themes with character count styles
  • Add option for required textarea on submit
  • Exiting full screen now adjust for resized editor height

MUDS v1.5.3 Download

  • Adjust button size
  • Adjust dropdown location in relation to buttons

MUDS v1.5.2 Download

  • Removed themes from main library and added them to Theme store.

MUDS v1.5.1 Download

  • Fix bug where resize didn't work properly when scrolled.

MUDS v1.5.0 Download

  • Update readme
  • Fix list style types, so they aren't accidentally overwritten by local styles
  • Fix bug where prefill content sometimes wouldn't show
  • Add support for all major browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer 9+
  • Made editor tabable
  • Fix bug where indent sometimes added a blockquote
  • Add custom resizer
  • Add support for custom themes
    • Add "Royal" Theme
    • Add "Darkmoon" Theme
    • Add "Spectral" Theme
  • Update print and preview styles
  • Add support for placeholder text
  • Fix bug where resize didn't work after exiting fullsccreen
  • Updated the dropdown styles to uniformly match the editor
  • Focus is now prevented from moving when buttons are clicked
  • Now adds a leading <p><br></p> if no prefilled content is defined
  • Changed default linebreak from <div><br></div> to <p></p>

MUDS v1.4.0 Download

  • Refine codeblock style
  • Overhaul of how predefined content works
    • Implementing textarea for submittable content
    • Adding custom "content submit name": submitName: 'My_Submit_Name'
    • Muds should now be initialis$ed with a textarea and not a div
    • Global MUDS variable change from editor to muds
  • Adding support for events
    • Adding onChange event - docs
  • Fixing a bug where custom height wasn't reapplied when leaving fullscreen
  • Fixing a bug where onChange events would produced errors unless defined
  • Fixing a bug where tab wouldn't insert 4 spaces correctly

MUDS v1.3.5 Download

  • Fix bug where separator didn't work with custom menu
  • Adding support for codeblocks

MUDS v1.3.4 Download

  • Fix broken version 1.3.3

MUDS v1.3.3 Download

  • Changing order of full and minimal menu option
  • Changing which menu items are available on the minimal menu option
  • Adding separator item to menu
  • Fixing bug where resizing option didn't work automatically

MUDS v1.3.2 Download

  • Update blockquote keybinding from Ctrl/Cmd + Q to Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + B
  • The custom menu now allows for custom ordering of items

MUDS v1.3.1 Download

  • Add keybinding for fullscreen: Ctrl/Cmd + Enter
  • Add keybinding display of text content: Ctrl/Cmd + O

MUDS v1.3.0 Download

  • Adjusting default heights of editor content and dropdowns
  • Adjusting default fontsizes of dropdowns
  • Adding body text action
  • Adding tooltips to menu items
  • Adding Blockquote
  • Change darkmode link color from pink to blue
  • Add keybindings:
    • Tab: inserts 4 spaces at the cursor position
    • Ctrl/Cmd + P: Opens the print dialog
    • Ctrl/Cmd + B: Makes highlighted text bold
    • Ctrl/Cmd + I: Makes highlighted text italic
    • Ctrl/Cmd + A: Highlight everything
    • Ctrl/Cmd + C: Copy highlighted text
    • Ctrl/Cmd + X: Cut highlighted text
    • Ctrl/Cmd + V: Paste from clipboard
    • Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Undo
    • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Redo
    • Ctrl/Cmd + Left Arrow: Align Left
    • Ctrl/Cmd + Up Arrow/Down Arrow: Align Center
    • Ctrl/Cmd + Right Arrow: Align Right
    • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Right Arrow: Indent
    • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Left Arrow: Outdent
    • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + C: Open "Change Color" dialog
    • Ctrl/Cmd + H: Show HTML
    • Ctrl/Cmd + S: Strikethrough
    • Ctrl/Cmd + L: Open "Insert Link" dialog
    • Ctrl/Cmd + 0: Body Text
    • Ctrl/Cmd + Q: Blockquote
    • Ctrl/Cmd + 1: Header 1
    • Ctrl/Cmd + 2: Header 2
    • Ctrl/Cmd + 3: Header 3
    • Ctrl/Cmd + .: Unordered List
    • Ctrl/Cmd + ,: Ordered List

MUDS v1.2.1 Download

  • Fix overflow problem on Font dropdown

MUDS v1.2.0 Download

  • Adding resize parameter to editor config
  • Adding font selection

MUDS v1.1.3 Download

  • Changing order on full menu
  • Implementing individual width to dropdown menus
  • Adjusting font-size in dropdown menus
  • Increasing dropdown visibility in darkmode

MUDS v1.1.2 Download

  • Fixing a bug where dropdowns would be visible in HTML mode
  • Adding ability remove links
  • Adding in-, and outdent support
  • Adding dropdown for justification features

MUDS v1.1.1 Download

  • Fixing dropdown menu bug where menu would be skewed to the right
  • Fixing HTML editing in darkmode. Inactive buttons are new clearly indicated in darkmode

MUDS v1.1.0 Download

  • Adding support for editing HTML directly in the editor

MUDS v1.0.0 Download

  • We Launched MUDS Editor! Woohooo!

Our roadmap

We're currently working and a lot of exciting changes, among them are:

  • Table support
  • Redesigned documentation
  • Emoji menu (You can already use emojis in the editor)
  • A redesign of HTML editing mode.
  • Custom ordering of menu items
  • Custom themes or some version of injected custom CSS
  • Better image handling capabilities
  • Custom buttons
  • Tooltips on menuitems
  • Color control (both text and background color)
  • Custom font type support
  • Menu item separators
  • Editible links
  • Multi instance support
  • In-, and outdent support
  • Embedded video support
  • Plugin support
  • Custom keybindings
  • Code block support
  • Quoteblock support
  • Make content more easily submittable

If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to Tristan White.